Gigi’s nichtje Jo-Ann is ook model

Op de verjaardag van oma Ans ven den Herik zien ze elkaar altijd. De zusjes Hadid en Jo-Ann van den Herik. Jo-Ann is namelijk het nichtje van de zusjes Gigi en Bella Hadid. Het talent zit kennelijk in de familie geworteld, want ook Jo-Ann van den Herik is model. Jo-Ann, 19 jaar oud, tekende op 18-jarige leeftijd een contract met IMM-Europe, waardoor ze, naar eigen zeggen, overal op de wereld “jobs” kan krijgen.
RTL Boulevard besteedde hier in november 2017 aandacht aan.

Het bijzondere aan Jo-Ann is echter dat ze, anders dan haar nichtjes Gigi en Bella, een zogenaamd plus-size model is.

What I love most about this picture, is that you can actually see a fatroll on the side. If you showed me this picture 1 year ago, I probably would’ve cried only about the idea of posting it. You see, this picture shows a real body. MY real body. When people lay in this position, they may have some rolls. So? Does it make us less beautiful? Does it ruin the picture? No. So why let it ruin your life? With my body and my photos I want to show you guys that it doesn’t matter what kind of body you have. EVERY BODY IS BEAUTIFUL. And everybody can wear whatever they want. Wear that tight dress, even if you have fatrolls in it. My insecurities always stopped me from wearing things I like, so please, maybe after seeing this picture, or some pictures of @iskra @sonnyturner___ @theashleygraham @barbienox , embrace your curves and don’t let your insecurities stop YOU from wearing whatever you want. You deserve to love yourself. Every ❗️Part ❗️ Of ❗️You ❗️Is❗️ Beautiful, even the ones you’re insecure about. Tell yourself you love yourself every day. Focus on the things that make you happy, make you special. The things that make you insecure? Try to look at them in a different way. For example what I’m doing in this post with my fatrolls. Ask yourself, why do I think my hips are ugly? Why don’t I like my belly? Why do I want to have thin legs? Because society and the media tells you? Don’t give them a chance to make feel negative or insecure! The most powerful weapon you have, is your mind, so try to have a positive mindset a little more every day. It’ll work wonders. 🙌🏼❤️ #LoveYourCurves #BeautyBeyondSize

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Jo-Ann wil zich op haar eigen carrière richten en niet bekend staan als “het nichtje van”. Maar zoals je leest, valt hieraan nauwelijks te ontkomen.
Jo-Ann vindt dat de term plus-size moet worden afgeschaft. Gewoon één modellenterm, ongeacht de maat die je hebt.

You know what makes me sad? That there are so many beautiful people out there who don't realize their worth. I mean I get it, in this society it's really hard to fit in. You have to be pretty (within the western beauty image), have a small waist, a big ass, big titties, a flat tummy, thin legs. But you know, it's not realistic and you shouldn't let this "beauty image" influence your view on your body. There are sooo many different body types out there, so why compare them to others? I think every person has it's own kind of body, no body is the same. For example I have a small waist and big hips, while other people maybe have a smaller waist but bigger hips or a bigger waist but smaller hips etc. But you can't compare a table to a chair, so why compare your body type with someone else's, why every body is clearly so different yet so beautiful? It's a really hard task, I know that, but comparing yourself is the worst thing you could do and it doesn't make you happy. Start seeing your body as your own piece of art which you created and start seeing the beauty in it. You're a masterpiece. Never treat yourself otherwise. #LoveYourself 📸 shot by @svgmodelphotography and makeup by @marjoleindrmua

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Volgens ons gaat Jo-Ann het ver schoppen.
Kijk maar eens naar de foto’s.

Voor alle accessoires en kledingstukken kun je natuurlijk terecht in de uitgebreide collectie die Fashionandbusiness voor jou heeft. Wij wensen jou natuurlijk heel veel shopplezier.

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